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Input expressions to the top box using your keyboard or the calculator buttons and press "=" or hit Enter on your keyboard to get an answer.
Here is a list of functions you can use in combination:

+, -, *, /, and ^ denote plus, minus, multiply, divide and exponents respectively.
Multiplication cannot be implied; "2x" is not accepted, but must be "2*x".
pi can be entered in lower case, and will change to \(\pi\)
sin(), cos() and tan(), with their inverses asin(), acos() and atan().
ln() can be used for the natural logarithm; log base \(e\).
sqrt() for square root. This and other roots can be achieved using \(x^{1/2}=\sqrt{x}\) or similar.
abs() gives the absolute value, often seen as |x| in notation.
ans in lower case is the value presently displayed as the answer.
A, B and C are memory values. Click STO then a letter button to store value from answer.
Del removes the last character, AC clears display but not memory values (A, B or C).

When in doubt about order of operations, use brackets.

Radians and Degrees

Change between units of angle by clicking anywhere on the "Radians | Degrees" button on the left. Also see this page to get a better understanding of radians.


If you get an error where the answer should be, just read it and take note of what it says! Most the time the errors are quite easy to understand. The "position" which it refers to is how many characters from the left the symbol is which can't be understood (starting from the leftmost character being number 0).


If you find any issues, let me know on Twitter: @nextlevelmaths.

Credit to:

Barbara Kaskosz & Douglas E. Ensley for their MathParser code which was used to help create this applet and save me a lot of brain-ache!